Powers Technokinesis

Super Strength



Birth Name Alisha Crossing
Nicknames Techno Wizz

Computer Gal

Age 26
Date of Death 13, July 2011
Significant Other Dr. Fate (Deceased)
Status Deceased

Alisha was a Super Hero and a member of The Legion. She was in her private three man squad with Charlotte and SuperGirl. She was in a relationship with Dr. Fate until he was killed by Galatea also.


Chapter 1Edit

Alisha, Crystal and SuperGirl were ambushed by a family of aliens with a hatred for Super Heroes. They were able to fight off most of them until Alisha was left with the grandmother who wasnt a physical fighter but instead used her powers of energy manipulation to attack Alisha she proved a worthy match but was killed when Alisha used her Technokinesis to use a computers energy to shock the grandmother to death.

Chapter 5Edit

During Galatea's attack on The Legion base, she fought Galatea and lost, resulting in her death.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Alisha had the powers of:

Technokinesis which allowed her to mentaly control any form of technology even using the wires from a computer to entangle her enemies and the electricity from it to shock them,Super Strength which allowed her to punch, throw and destroy things a normal human could not even doing so with 10 times her height and weight, Invincibility which made her immune to most forms of physical damage. She also had the power of Flight