Powers Invincibility
Date of Death 17 March, 2012
Place of Birth Earth
Status Deceased

Cheshire was a Super Villain and a member of The Villanious Ten.


Chapter 10Edit

Cheshire, along with the other members from The Villanious Ten, attacked The Legion base in hopes of killing them. She fought Grafara after Grafara killed Quilette. During the fight she managed to defeat her but she was surprised attacked by the body of Quilette, her fellow team mate. She was killed by Quilette.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Cheshire had the power of Invincibility being able to whithstand most forms of physical damage to a great extent. She was a master in hand-to-hand combat, being fast moving on her feet making her hard to dodge which helped her in her fight against Grafara. Cheshire also used a giant long thick metal staff which was her weapon of choice.