Power Girl
Powers Super Strength

Super Speed


Lazer Vision


Aliases Power Girl
Nicknames Tea
Date of Death 13, July 2011
Family SuperGirl (Clone)
Status Deceased

Power Girl or Galatea was a clone of SuperGirl who seemed to be 10x stronger than her and all of The Legion members. She killed five Legion heroes. Galatea was finally killed by Rouge after she had absorbed powers from some of the remaining Legion members.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Super Strength which enabled her to pick, throw and punch things a normal human could not even things 100 times her weight and size. Galatea was significantly stronger than her clone-ee SuperGirl and Martian Manhunter. Super Speed which enabled her to move at super-human speeds. Invincibility which made Galatea immune to nearly most forms of physical damage, things that would hurt someone normal, she has been thrown through brick walls and into metal cars without being phazed. Lazer Vision which enables her to shoot lazer beams from her eyes and Flight which is a basic power it enables her to fly through the air. Galatea also possesed high forms of physcial combat training as she was able to out match Manhunter and Alisha.