Martian Manhunter
Powers Super Strength








Birth Name John Jones
Aliases Martian Manhunter
Nicknames Martian Man

The Hunter


Occupations Legion Leader
Status Alive

Martian Manhunter is The Legion leader and a well respected Super Hero. John is a martian and has a earth job as an accountent.


Chapter 3Edit

He was the one that Shandra wanted to kill, after she left The Legion and joined The Injustice League. She got three Injustice members: Fraya, Siren and Maynad to help her. He was left to fight Fraya, with her speed it caused him some problems but she was defeated. After that he quickly took out Maynad and sent them all to jail.

Chapter 5Edit

When he found out that SuperGirl had been cloned and it was evil he and SuperGirl set out to destroy it. When Power Girl attacked The Legion headquarters, he joined in the fight. Manhunter got into a fight with her and he was strong enough and smart enough to go toe to toe with Galatea and even give her problems when she was fighting him. He severly weakened her, but she was still strong enough to eventually take him down, then SuperGirl then Super Woman. He also gave some of his powers to Rouge to aid her in her fight against Galatea.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Martian Manhunter posseses the powers of:

Super Strength which enabled him to pick, throw and punch things a normal human could not even things 100 times his weight and size, Invincibility which made him immune to nearly all types of physical damage, Invisibility meaning he could turn invisable and not be seen by anyone, Shapeshifting enabled him to change his appearance into any person, animal or thing, Phasing meaning he could pass through solid objects even making someone else phasable as long as he was holding them, Telepathy was the power of Manhunters that let him read the minds of others even read their memories he was so good using this power that he could control someone's mind and even kill them if he overloaded their brain with enough thoughts although doing these things severly weakens him. Teleportation allowed him to appear in different places. He could also use Flight which enabled him to fly.