Powers Power Absorbtion
Birth Name Claire Bennett
Aliases Rouge
Nicknames The Rouge
Age 28
Date of Death 13, July 2011
Occupations Police Officer
Status Deceased

Rouge was a very powerful member of The Legion. She also helped in the fight against Galatea. In the end everyone could see they would lose and die to Galatea but Rouge hurried and used her power and she absorbed all of the powers of the present heroes and used them in her fight against Galatea, although she eventually killed Galatea with a kryptonite sword she was dying from the overwhelming powers she absorbed and when she released them, she died.

Powers and Absorbed PowersEdit

Power Absorbtion - Natural Power

Phasing - Absorbed from Martian Manhunter

Super Strength - Absorbed from Martian Manhunter and SuperGirl

Super Speed - Absorbed from SuperGirl

Shapeshifting - Absorbed from Martian Manhunter

Invisibility - Absorbed from Martian Manhunter

Telekinesis - Absorbed from Psylocke

Flight - Absorbed from Super Woman

Lazer Vision - Absorbed from SuperGirl

Invincibility - Absorbed from Super Woman

Aerokinesis - Absorbed from Pylia

Electrokinesis - Absorbed from Bishop

Teleportation - Absorbed from Martian Manhunter