Powers Super Strength

Super Speed


Lazer Vision


Birth Name Kara In-Ze
Aliases SuperGirl
Nicknames Cheerleader



Age 25
Family SuperWoman (Mother)

Galatea (Clone)

Status Alive

SuperGirl was a superhero and a member of The Legion.


Chapter 5Edit

When SuperGirl was cloned she and Martian Manhunter set out to kill Galatea. When Power Girl attacked The Legion headquarters she was absent from her last fight with her. part way near the end she and her mother (Super Woman) came and tried to fight her off Super Woman was unsucssesfull she appeared behind Galatea and fought her after a massive fight she eventually lost but found out the reason Galatea was doing this is so that she could prove that she was better than SuperGirl. She also gave her powers to Rouge to help her in her fight against Power Girl.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

SuperGirl possesed the powers of:

Super Strength which enabled her to pick, throw and punch things a normal human could not even things 100 times her weight and size, Super Speed which enabled her to move at super-human speeds, Invincibility which made SuperGirl immune to nearly everything that could hurt someone she has been thrown through brick walls and into metal cars and it doesnt seem to bother her, Lazer Vision which enables her to shoot lazer beams from her eyes and Flight which is a basic power it enables her to fly through the air.