"The Legion Base Massacre" is an event that took place on 13 July, 2011 when Galatea a clone of SuperGirl, invaded The Legion Base and trapping everyone inside. She started to kill super heroes and cause havoc which resulted in so many trying to stop her and so many die trying. Her main goal for this was to cause SuperGirl pain and then kill her.


  • Whip Girl - Killed by Galatea when she shot her with lazer vision through the stomach.
  • Dr. Fate - Killed by Galatea when she thrusted hand through chest.
  • Alisha - Killed by Galatea when she beat her to death.
  • Quinn - Killed by Galatea when she snapped her neck.
  • Galatea - Killed by Rogue when she stabbed her with a kryptonite sword.
  • Rouge - Died from over absorbing so many powers.